how technology is helping people find classic cars for sale near them easier

How Technology Is Boosting Classic Car Sales


The demand for classic cars seems to be growing over the last few years. The value of rare vintage cars has increased to almost 500% over the past 10 years. This is according to the Historic Automobile Group’s HAGI “Top Index”. A classic car has a great feeling when driving than a modern car but that’s according to car enthusiasts who love vintage vehicles. There are however some hitches with most classic cars because of their old-technology that have to be corrected to get the vehicles on the road. Fortunately, there are many auto companies upgrading classic cars before making a sale out of them.


A number of things can be corrected on a classic car. These may range from non-performing brakes, leaks, clogged carburetors and electrical flaws among other things. For instance, you may get a classic car with 4-speed transmission. A modern power-train in a 50-year-old classic car will give you the stares on the highway plus a smooth ride. Upgrades may also include modern safety features beneath an old sheet metal.


Car fans in need of a speedy vintage car would love classic cars that have undergone some restoration on particular parts. These may include upgrading to a bigger carburetor, a new exhaust system and modern wheels and tires. This should however be done by a car expert as they may result to supercharging, tubbing wheel wells or twin turbocharging.

Classic car engineering can offer car fans a taste of both old and new world. The body of the car may remain classic but the interior seats can be improved to give comfort of a new car. This is a desirable change for customers who love comfort and elegance.


Who doesn’t love driving when music is playing? Though most classic cars only tune to AM radios, modern engineering has improved on this to give audience their favorite tune. Demand is driving some auto companies to make classic styled car stereos that can sync with your smart phone courtesy of blue tooth technology. This is a great a way to bring your favorite music wherever you ride in your historic car.


Fuel economy is a concern for most car owners. For classic car lovers, this is not a serious problem thanks to technology. With an electronic fuel injection added to a 50-year-old engine, failed attempts to start your classic are out of the question. The new fuel injection may also reduce fuel overuse.


There are numerous auto companies out there in the business of restoring classic cars. The craft is so perfected that it’s quite tricky to tell a clone from the real classic. Do your research well when looking for a rare vintage car. A professional car dealer experienced in the business may help make your hunt successful if you have little skills in differentiating a real classic from an upgrade. Also note that different states have different regulations for restored cars including classics. It is thus advisable to understand what applies in your home area before rolling over your historic car.