Now that you’ve changed your lifestyle and live a completely different life, when you look in the past and see yourself 10 or 15 years ago, you see another person. Think about the things you liked back then and you`ll see how your taste evolved over time. Things that probably meant the world for you now seem a bit insignificant and are not a part of your today`s lifestyle. The same goes for tattoos.

Some people like them when they`re young, but after some time they seem to overgrow them and actually want to take them off their skin. Removing a tattoo was basically impossible in the past. So, whatever you got tattooed on your body, stayed there for life. Luckily nowadays, we have a professional tattoo removal services for all of you who regret for having a tattoo. Like I said, people change over time, and something that was part of your personality 10 years ago stayed in that time and you`re now completely other person.

In case you have some tattoo that gives a wrong impression of who you are or you just want to remove the old one to have a new, there are qualified doctors that will remove it for you through a process known as laser tattoo removal.

drwhitetattooremoval5This process is based on using lasers to break up the ink in your skin. The process itself is pretty simple. Doctor handles a laser over the surface of the tattooed area and the beams from the laser are breaking up the ink. It usually takes a several treatments to fully eliminate all of the ink. This maybe sounds scary to you, but those lasers are designed to be absorbed only by the ink, which means there will be no damage to your skin.

A significant factor for the success of this procedure is the color of the tattoo. Black tattoos are the easiest ones to remove, but other colors need to be treated with very high laser beams in order to achieve the same effect. There is a chance that you`ll feel slight discomfort during the removal, but it certainly hurts less than tattooing itself.

In case you`re thinking about removing all the tattoos at once, we must say that this is a bad idea. We at Ink Revision are always telling our clients to go one by one. If too much ink is treated at once, you may suffer some consequences, such as scarring, a permanent mark, bleeding, swelling or redness. There is no reason to rush, because you will eventually remove them all. It will take some time, but you will be sure that there won`t be any side effects.

When it comes to the price of tattoo removal it can vary. The price will depend on several factors, such as the size of your artwork, the colors used and the time needed for removing it. The best thing you can do is to call today to make an appointment, so we can estimate the size of the job.

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