When investing in items within the home the idea is usually that they last as long as possible. In fact if possible they should last for a lifetime. A home usually has furniture like seats, cupboards and beds among many others. These are intended to last for as long as they can last without breakages and damages. However there are times they get damaged as a result of careless handling especially during the process of changing houses. The following are the tips that can assist in fragile storage of various items within the home.self-storage

The Storage of Furniture

It is easy to assume that furniture can last for long without being taken care of. This is a wrong assumption to be taken. Before one puts away any form of furniture for storage, they should be thoroughly cleaned according to the material that has been used to make them. Wipe them clean using soapy water and give them a final cleanse using clean water. One should not assume that just because they are storing the furniture they should be kept without cleaning. Give them a final polish so that they are sparkling clean as if they are going to be put into use. It is also important to note that one should keep the furniture in a place that they have enough circulation of air. The ventilation should be at its maximum in the places where the furniture is stored. This helps to minimize the growth of mold and bad smell. When ready for transportation the furniture should be disassembled if possible. The parts should then be carefully stored in boxes and ensure that there in minimal movement in the boxes otherwise they are prone to breakages. The boxes should be tightly fitted.self-storage

The Storage of Utensils

Another fragile storage is that of utensils and cutlery in the home. Before one stores these items they should be very clean. After cleaning them and drying them up they can be stored in boxes where they can fill up to the brim. There should be no space that can allow the utensils to move about since they are likely to break or get damaged as a result of friction. Each and every plate should be wrapped in a newspaper before they are piled onto each other. One should also try and pile plates of the same size together on top of each other. The plates should be on top of each other but not rubbing on each other. The cups should also be wrapped with newspapers and kept in the box in a condition where they are not rubbing against each other. The boxes where utensils are kept should be filled up so as to minimize the movements within them. They can be aligned with soft pads so as to minimize the chances of breakages during movements.

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