Myelin Basic Protein can simply be described as some kind of protein which plays a very important role in the myelination of various body nerves that makes up a person’s nervous system. There is a myelin sheath which is simply a membrane that is multilayered and is very unique only present in the nervous system. This sheath functions as an effective insulator which aims at greatly increasing the needed velocity an axonal conduction of impulses. . The Myelin Basic Protein makes sure that the correct myelin structure has been maintained. This is done by making sure that there is interactions between the lipids that are in the myelin membrane.

There are very many studies which have shown that there is a certain role played by antibodies in the pathogenesis of the myelin structure which is working against the important myelin basic protein. There are also some genetic predispositions which have been linked to the myelin basic protein but this has only been done for a few as majority have not been linked to the same. There is however some certain researches which bring about the notion that the presence of the basic myelin proteins could generate some sort of response which would at the end of it create some sort of blood to brain barrier permeability.

Myelin Basic ProteinRole of Myelin Basic Protein in Disease

There have been numerous researches carried out focusing on myelin basic protein and its involvement in the lethal infection of rabies in certain scenarios. This Test was carried out to be sure whether the MBP has any role in this infection that had become wide spread. It has been noted that with an increase in the Myelin Basic Protein, there is generation of an increased permeability which results to a blood to brain barrier which is abbreviated as BBB. This Blood to Brain Barrier allows cells that are immune to be able to enter into the brain, which then acts as a primary site where by the rabies virus gets replicated a couple f times. It is thus very important to note that through the tests that have been carried out, the Myelin Basic Proteins has some sort of role in diseases such as the rabies infections.

The Myelin Basic Proteins are very abundant in carrying the important myelin that constitutes the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath on the other hand is very important as it is the one that facilitates the normal functioning of the nervous system of any individual. MBP on its own is made of very many isoforms which are usually generated by a process known as alternative splicing. MBP is an extremely unstructured protein which has a conformation that is highly defined by its environment.  If there is a sequence that is disordered, it gets very hard to solve the crystal structure of that specific protein. The tests which are can be easily carried out however make this a little bit easy to decipher.